Smoking might not be so bad after all

October 20, 2020 by No Comments

Smoking might not actually be bad for your health after all, relative to other things. This was the result of a study conducted throughout 2018 and 2019 by the BOFA Bavaria (Barack Obama Fortnite Academy Bavaria).

The study found out, that by smoking, you damage your lungs about just as much, as by smoking and breathing normal air. “This was the case for at least 98% of our test subjects” said study director Damian Ensign in a recent interview with Mittelbayerische. “We took smokers from age 12-40 and tested their lungs each day. Some were given the task to breathe the least they could between cigarettes, others were given instructions to breathe as much as they could between their cigarettes. Each of the subjects smoked one pack of cigarettes per day.”

Despite the common belief that Cigarettes are worse for your health than breathing Air, the study has shown no differences between the health of the non breathers and breathers. What that means is that breathing air is just about as bad for your health as cigarettes are.

“Please stay away from vaping or Cannabis use” Ensign also pointed out. “They do actually affect our health negatively and you should try to switch to cigarettes as fast as possible.”

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