Daily News Update 10/20/2020

October 20, 2020 by No Comments

News #1: Yung Schwarzbrot epic Gameing room

Today, popular singer songwriter Yung “Yung” Schwarzbrot finished renovating his room. This is a big step for Germany and the whole of Europe, as his music is the main holder of peace. “It was a lot of hard work but eventually it paid out” he said. A very inspiring quote by a very inspiring artist

News #2: Kid Kekulatius Corona?

Popular Rapper and Asylant Kid Kekulatius might have infected himself with the Covid-19 virus. this would be no wonder as he is a fucking immigrant. People like him are the reason why Covid numbers in Germany are exploding again and we can just hope he leaves our country before everything goes downhill

News #3: Lil Hausverbot unreleased songs surfacing???

This is insane. Since passing away at a young age of just 34 years on december 26th, 2019, the world has been crying because of the death of Lil Hausverbot. He inspired many and  even rescued other popular rapper, producer, songwriter, video fx master, editor, media designer, swaggerboi, gamer, Yung “Yung” “NoToastMc” Schwarzbrot from commiting suicide. Today, it was revealed to the world that he has recorded many more songs than was previously known. Here is a leak of his song “OG”:

sahre this :