Diagg ich kann es nich g,lauebn Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover Gon’ pop like trouble breaking into your Read More

Heute wurde Bicc Martini von unserer Redaktion interviewed Today was Bicc Martini from our Redaktion interviewed Er hat viele Fragen Read More

i think i have ill. headache deswegen hosptpad

heute wird es in Nürnberg regnen Today it will be a bad day for every french person, because France is Read More

today can be cold, also wam fuck france france will die today

Brak Nwes; Kekulatius Sexy  ? ! In a Kekulatius is one of the best looking hu,mans in the world . Read More

NEW #1: LIL SCR34MB0 WITH BTS ! !? Lil Scr34mb01 visit BTS in North Korea !This is very big event Read More

Yung Schwarzbrot has short hair the hair is short not long anmyore This is ynug schwarzbot crying abut it Feb Read More